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About Dr. Peter Erickson


I am a licensed Psychologist with over 30 years of experience in helping people enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life.

I earned my Ph. D. in Psychology from Boston College after completing my Master's degree at Tufts University. I completed my pre and post doctoral internships in Boston, worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings, and trained with children, adolescents and adults in conducting individual, marital, and family therapy. I was on the Outpatient Staff for many years at Butler Hospital before entering private practice.

I have trained and supervised Psychology Interns, Mental Health professionals, and Psychiatric residents in Couple and Marital Therapy and Counseling. I am licensed in the State of Rhode Island and have a practice on the east side of Providence.




• Individual therapy

• Couple & Marital therapy

• Family therapy



• Adolescents

• Adults

• Elderly




Individual counseling and psychotherapy is a process of healing
and repair which enables people to re-establish hope and restore
control and balance to their lives.


Individual work is also a private time, place, and relationship
that enhances the understanding of the sadness, anxiety, grief, or loss with which you
might be struggling. Therapy can help you work through the experiences,
thoughts, and feelings that might be interfering with your relationships, concentration, sleep,
or interfering with your leading a satisfying life. I work collaboratively with
clients, use cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, or dynamic “talk” therapy. No matter what “school”
of thought a therapist follows, the core qualities of counseling – genuineness, empathy, support, and
authenticity – are essential to a client’s well being.
I learn from clients who they are and what they need
so that they can make adaptive changes to their lives.
Change is transformative process, analogous to education, within
which I am present to help you manage the turmoil that is
often the part of a life transition.

I have experience with these issues and concerns:


• Marital and Couple Treatment

• Child Guidance and Co-Parenting after Divorce

• Depression, Sadness, & Loss



• Anxiety and Panic Disorder

• Addiction and Compulsivity

• Trauma


Marital & Couple Counseling and Therapy

Marital intimacy and warmth is an essential part of a satisfying and enjoyable life.
Couples marry with the anticipation of a loving life lived across many decades. They hope that their
Individual and shared dreams will be supported and fulfilled. Life’s many stressors
- demanding jobs, children, an early family life of turmoil, misunderstanding, and poor
communication – often harm the couple’s underlying “marital friendship” that
- the couple might otherwise enjoy. Couple and marital counseling might best be thought
of as an opportunity to better understand one’s spouse and oneself, the couple’s unique
circumstances, the basic dynamics of all marriages, decrease defensive communication, and
enhance and increase repair during and after the inevitable arguments that loving couples
have. Effective “repair” skills can and will enable couples to enrich humor, warm, affection

and re-establish intimacy.

Experience with:


• Marriage

• Relationships

• Child Issues and Parenting

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Aging




• Medical Illness

• Addiction

• Divorce

• Loss

• Trauma and PTSD

• Personality Issues




Peter G Erickson, PhD
phone 401-649-0007


184 Waterman Street, Suite 209.
Providence, Rhode Island 02906


Additional Office:
345 Blackstone Blvd
Providence, Rhode Island 02906



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